Sectoral Defınıtıons

LDPE (Low Density PolyEtilene)

Half transparent and/or colored. Mid strong and durable plastic. Flexible, soft, easily tearable and wrinkle free. LDPE products are using mostly as film raw material with its' transparency and smooth features. LDPE is pure white without adding pigments. Using ranges are big bags, bread and sandwich bags, food cups, frozen bags,market bags, caps for some bottles.

HDPE (High Density PolyEtilen)

It's a strong and economic product. Vision is natural milk color. For that reason it will not use for bright packagings. It's  most common used plastic. With low cost, easy to shape and strong features, it has a wide range using. Plastic tubes, waste bags, cases, baskets, bottles for water, milk, juices, liquid detergants, shampoo bootles are the main uses of HDPE.

PE (PolyEtilene)

Most common used material. Detergant and shampoo bottles,motor oil bottles could be made by recycling PE.

PC (PolyCarbonate)

Shaping easily by heat. This type of plastic is the most using material in modern production sector. PolyCarbonate is a very strong and transparent material so that it's using for glass (even bulletproof glass)  With its resistance capacity the big water bottles are producing with PC material.the big bottles.